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What is Connexin?

What is Connexin

We are a phone company! We provide real UK phone numbers that work just like a number from traditional provide such as BT. But unlike these traditional providers, we utilise a clever technology called VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). This next generation technology, enables us to provide our customers with a telephone service that works over any broadband connection.

This means you can take your phone number with you wherever you go! No more physical restrictions or expensive porting costs! We even offe free Connexin to Connexin calls worldwide! Why not watch our videos which explain the service in alittle more detail.

In order to use Connexin, you will need the following:

1) A Connexin Package - each account comes with a UK number of your choice. These numbers work just like standard phone numbers.
We currently offer 3 different packages: Pay As You Go, UK 500 and International 500 (click here to learn more).

2) A broadband connection - We normally recommend speeds of atleast 1MB down and 0.5 MB up to enjoy good quality calls.

3) A Connexin phone - this can be hardware phone or software phone. Handsets purchased from our online store come with 24 hour Connexin support and leave our warehouses fully pre-configured so that all you need to do is plug them in! Have a look at our online shop here for a range of compatible phones.

For a cheaper option, you could use a software phone on your computer to make and receive calls. There are few that we would recommend. Click here to learn how to set them up and start making calls.

VoIP technology is reshaping the way we communicate. Sign up now to start saving money on your line rental and phone calls and enjoy all the added benefits and features that Connexin has to offer. Take a step in the right direction and leap from an analogue to a digital phone service.

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