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How to Setup Call Forwarding?

Getting Started
To access your online control panel, click on the Log In link or button on the top right hand corner of every page on our website. Enter your connexin username and password. Once you are logged in, click "Call Forwarding" from the left hand side menu and you should see the following screen:

There are different answering modes, these are:

Pick a setting that is most suited to your requirements. This can be easily changed via the control panel at anytime. You can even create a list of numbers yo uwish to forward calls to!

There is also an option to choose the order in which the forwarding takes place. You can either forward calls to numbers:

1. As Listed (calls are forwarded in order of the forwarding list),
2. Randomly (calls are forward to a random number in the list)
3. Simultaneously (all numbers in the forwarding list ring at once)

You can customise further and setup how long you want the system to call each number for before forwarding to the next number or to your voicemail.

Adding numbers
To start adding numbers to your forwarding list, simply press the "+" icon save/add coloumn, give it a name, for example, My Mobile, type in your mobile number and hit the Save key (the little floppy disk icon) to save the settings. To add a 2nd or 3rd number to the forwarding list, simply follow the same process. You can then alter the answering mode and set a "ring for" duration (in seconds) to match your forwarding requirements. Have a look at an example below:

In the example above, three mobile numbers have been added to the forwarding list. When a call comes in, it will first ring their Connexin phone number. If noone answers it will forward the call simultaneously to the 3 mobile numbers for 10 seconds, if there is still to answer then it will send the caller to voicemail.

Notice the "Edit" coloumn contains a button which allows you to alter the number and the duration of rining to a specific number without having to create a new one. The up and down buttons allow you to change the order of forwarding. In this particular case, the order of the numbers doesn't matter because we have set the system to forward calls to all numbers simultaneously.

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